"When working with Jensen-Souders employees it’s a team mentality – we are in business together with the goal of being successful. With Jensen-Souders Associates, I don’t have to worry that my products are being handled/shipped improperly. The staff consists of pleasant service oriented people who have years of experience in their area. I always know JS will respond quickly and thoroughly. The staff’s knowledge and years of experience handling and storing chemicals, was the reason we decided to warehouse our products with Jensen-Souders to begin with. Their facility is clean, organized, and well cared for. The people who work for JS are wonderful!! Jensen-Souders is professional and takes great care meeting our company needs without resistance, complaint, or exorbitant fees. They also offer Regulatory Knowledge. Something other warehouses do not offer."

Julie G.
Houston, TX

"We began using Jensen Souders because of their strong commitment to the Responsible Distribution process. We continue to use Jensen Souders for one simple reason – Ease of Doing Business. Jensen Souders always do what they say they will do. With Jensen Souders – warehousing is one element of our business that we never have to worry about"

Don D.
Itasca, IL

"I started with Rainbow Chemicals about 2 years ago and they have been using Jensen-Souders for a long time so I didn’t have to do any comparisons with other warehouses. All I can say is that we have been very happy with Jensen-Souders service. We feel that their company is highly qualified to handle Chemical products that we sell."

Bimal K.
Northbrook, IL

"A recommendation from one of Jensen-Souders existing customers brought us to them, but the friendly atmosphere and personable service keep us. They are very accommodating and willing to do same day service, most warehouses require 24-48 hours notice. Service is Excellent on a scale from 1 to 10 I would give it a 10."

Stephanie L.
Importer / Distributor
Suwanee, GA

I rate Jensen-Souders service 110%...all the time. Personal service is the is the best value that Jensen-Souders offers us as a warehouse customer. We went with them, because of their experience in knowing what Royal needed and that J-S could deliver. Jensen-Souders doesn't have a fit when I ask for something that is way out of the ordinary….like it should be.

Brian O.
Trenton, NJ
Buena Park, CA

We performed a site visit and a mini audit to determine Jensen's capabilities and willingness to satisfy our customer in the same way we do and found Jensen to be the business partner we were looking for at that time and still today. Jensen is our largest warehouse and handles a larger volume than some of our other warehouses and have processes in place, employees trained and have excellent knowledge of chemical distribution. Jensen handles hazardous materials where a lot of other warehouses shy away from the storage and handling due to the nature of the material.  The personnel interaction with Jensen's employee provides us with the confidence with them handling our business and servicing our customers.

Mike M.
Akron, OH